"Why am I always so bloated?"

"Why am I always so bloated?"

I get this question a lot from people who feel like once they have a bite or spoonful of food, it's all over - bloating for the rest of the day.

Or maybe in your case, you get bloated from time to time.

Either way, it is no fun and you probably want to get rid of it as soon as or before it even happens.

In this video, I go in detail about bloating and address the following:

  • What is bloating?

  • Types of bloating

  • Rootcauses of bloating

  • Tips to reduce/eliminate bloating altogether

  • Supplements that can support your efforts

  • When is the right time to stop the DIY and go see a doctor

If your issues go beyond bloating and you have excess belly fat that you desperately want to lose, then let's chat about how you lose it.

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