How to burn 100 calories

Ever wondered what it takes to burn off that chocolate that you just ate or are about to eat?? True #chocolatelovers love chocolate in any form - bar, ice cream, as a spread, etc.

There are many ways that you can burn calories, but here are three different ways shown in the video below:

  1. To burn off the Kit Kat (104 calories for 2 fingers), I'm going to need to run up and down the stairwell for six minutes.

  2. You can also jump rope outside for about 10 minutes.

  3. If you have all the time in this world, you could also consider walking. You have to do a brisk walk (no incline) at 3.5 mph for about 50 minutes just to work off that Kit Kat!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite chocolate? Comment below.

When you think about all the work that needs to go into burn calories, is it actually worth it? Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.

Don't think of food as crime and punishment, it's not. Food should be enjoyed!

Next time you want to grab a bar or a whole box of cookies, just really give it a second thought.

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