9 ways to stop overeating - build weight loss habits

Do you find yourself in the constant cycle of self-negotiations that go something like,

“Ok, this is my last one…after this, no more”, or “let me just have one more serving, I still have space in my tummy”, or “This is so yummy, I just can’t stop…”.

You are actually trying to lose weight and you read somewhere that portion control is key but you really don’t know how to actually control those portions…especially when it tastes so good.

Or maybe in your case, you’re always juggling at least two things at once and don’t even realize when you’ve had too much. You were probably in the middle of something else like working as you ate.

Overeating is one of the surefire ways to tack on those pounds and even trigger the feeling of guilt that usually leads to even more eating.


So, what can you do?

In this video, I share 9 simple things you can do starting now to reduce or avoid overeating altogether.

I go in depth on:

· Some of our daily activities that set the stage for eating too much food

· Habits that you probably aren’t aware are contributing to you overeating

· How to make overeating difficult to do and easy to stop

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